Power section of a DC drive....






Power section of a DC drive consisting of power handling components can take any of the following shapes.

-single phase semicontrolled

-single phase fully controlled

-three phase semicontrolled

-three phase fully controlled

By ‘Semicontrol’ and ‘Full Control’ we mean the type of control we have over the power controlling devices, i.e. thyristors or diodes. In semicontrolled type, in a three phase configuration, only half of the devices have control over the current flowing through them. The sketch below shows that three out of six current carrying devices are diodes and three are thyristors. Seventh component across the +ve and -ve terminals is a diode and called FREEWHEELING diode. It is necessary to freewheel the energy in the inductance of the motor. With all six devices under control of gate pulses, the electronic circuit has total control over the motor current. This configuration is also known as 6 pulse configuration.





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